Back around Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of getting to spend a day with some of my favorite ladies shooting for the Dandy Boutique Winter Look Book. Sarah, from 428 Main, with the help of Alden Haviland of Rutledge Social, put together this adorable campfire set. While we didn’t actually do any “glamping,” we did stuff our face with plenty of s’mores! Kate Capo, of Catherine Ann Photography, did her usual beautiful job capturing our afternoon. I thought this rainy weekend was the perfect day to share a cozy blogger campfire with y’all!


We all had a blast putting looks together for our glamorous “camping” adventure!! I went with something that I probably wouldn’t typically wear all together, but it made the perfect glamping attire! Take away the hat and gloves and you’ve got a great outfit for daytime in the city or even a casual night out.  With the hat and gloves, it’s a super funky warm outdoor look!


The hat and gloves are also super versatile on their own and make a great addition to your winter accessories. The fingerless glove trend has been huge and definitely comes in handy when your texting tip gloves start to fail you (which inevitably will happen). Plus, how can you resist that beading?! I love a little fancying up of gloves!! {or anything}


This is still one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever gotten to be a part of!! I just love all of the sweet ladies involved and we had such a blast that day!! I also loved getting to play and have fun with my style for the look book. The urban/boho chic look was just too much fun to wear!! You can still shop these looks and more on the Dandy Boutique website!

Photos: Catherine Ann Photography

Clothing: Dandy Boutique

Vintage Rentals: 428 Main 

Creative Direction: Alden Haviland of Rutledge Social

Makeup: Rebecca Wash of Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Bloggers: Chloe Fusselman of TopKnots and PolkaDots | Tara Langdale of Northern Lights-Southern Belles | Venita Aspen of Venita Aspen | Christine Pearson of A List Greek | Rebecca Wash of Pink Dot Beauty Bar

My Look: Kimono, Jeans, Hat & Gloves- Dandy Boutique | Necklace: Charleston Rice Beads | Shoes: Aldo (similar here)

Slack Saturday Six


Okay guys, so I totally slacked on my Friday Five yesterday. But, seriously get over it, life happens! Plus, now you get an extra little tidbit with a Saturday Six!! Hope everyone had a great week and has a fabbb weekend!!

1. New Makeup Trick- Okay, so I swear I didn’t know this had become some huge internet phenomenon until I started googling for a video. My friend, Alden, recently told me about this trick that she knew from her time working at Pink Dot Beauty Bar and it has changed my life!! Thanks to those strong Italian genetics, I’ve suffered from dark eye circles my whole life. Putting a little red lipstick under my concealer has been the first thing to even come close to getting rid of those babies! I’ve been using Sephora brand lipstick in pure red and Clinique concealer in porcelain (which isn’t sold any longer, but your fav concealer will do) under my powder and a little RMS concealer on top for a brightening finish!

2. Style Crush- I’ve followed Russian It Girl, Miroslava Duma, on Insta for quite a while, but I really just needed to share with y’all my obsession! I mean the girl’s style is FLAWLESS!! Plus, between having worked for publishing houses such as Harper’s Bazaar and Condé Nast and founding her own online company, Buro 24/7, she’s kind of a business badass. Basically, she’s my hero and you need to spend a good 30 minutes of your life stalking her social media.

3. Must Have Spring Coat- I’ve really just been loving everything from Ted Baker lately, but this coat is actually the perfect coat for your transition to spring in these chilly temps! I’ve been a little in love with light blue coats all winter, but was never able to find the perfect one. This wool fabric will keep you warm, but the color and 3/4 sleeve will keep things fresh and light for spring.

4. SC Restaurants by County- Three clapping hand emojis to Charleston Food Bloggers for making this genius list of the best restaurants in South Carolina by county! The list is a perfect combination of hole in the wall diners and unexpected high end restaurants in small towns that is sure to get you through your next mini road trip. OR a great inspiration FOR your next road trip!

5. Victoria’s Secret Sale- Who doesn’t want to make a few VS Swim purchases before the summer time?! Especially after that swim special they had on the other night!! Does the bod come with it?! But, seriously now is the time to do your Victoria’s Secret buying. A. There’s a big sale going on right now and you can save up to $55 off of a $250 purchase, plus free shipping, plus in case you need a 6893th VS tote you can get one of those! and B. Everything is starting to get back ordered, so if you want your suits in time for spring break or with some even summer break, you need to act now!

6. This Video Makes Me Happy- It wouldn’t be a Friday Favs, okay whatever, Saturday Six, post without something to do with cute animals! This video of pups (and one cat) on the beach, is the perfect mood booster this weekend!! Plus, it’s in Australia so it’s totally giving me Summer fever!!

NYC Recap: Tourist Time


My recent trip to New York City for NYFW was an absolute dream!! I had never been to the city (I know, I know totally un-American of me) and this was my first MBFW, so I was literally in heaven!! I’m so so excited to share with y’all the 10 days that I spent eating, exploring and eating my way through the city. This is just the first of many posts with a look into the first few days of our trip. We arrived on a Monday and Fashion Week didn’t start until Thursday, so we had lots of time to do allll of the tacky tourist attractions and boy did we! Clearly, from the picture above you can see that I won’t be doing any posts on how to pack lightly anytime soon. Hey, in my defense we were there for 10 days and had to pack lots of heavy items for the freezing temps!


We stayed at The Archer Hotel on West 38th between 5th and 6th (if I had a dollar for every time I had to say that on the trip). I won’t complain too much, but it definitely wasn’t our favorite of hotels and my hubby has officially cut me off from picking in the future! While the hotel is brand new and super clean, the rooms were SO tiny (even for NYC) and the staff wasn’t exactly the friendliest or most accommodating. The location was a great central spot, but I fell in love with the meatpacking district so will probably stay more in that vicinity next time. I will say, The Archer Hotel has the best salted caramels that have ever graced the face of this earth- so that pretty much made up for everything else!

IMG_9631IMG_9633IMG_9628 IMG_9629 IMG_9630

Our first night, we had dinner at what was probably my favorite restaurant of the whole trip- ABC Kitchen. I knew I would love it after seeing pictures online and finding out that it was part restaurant, part home decor store, but the food also exceeded my expectations! Like many NYC restaurants, it didn’t look like much from the outside, but the inside was absolutely beautiful!! After a day of traveling (okay, maybe just a direct 2 hour flight from CHS>JFK, but still) I needed a cocktail, and the vodka thyme lemonade was absolutely perfect! I’m not a froo froo drinks kinda gal- aka give me vodka soda- but NYC has so many fabulous specialty cocktails that I just couldn’t resist. For dinner, we started with the tuna sashimi and house made sausage (weird combo, I know) and those were delish. But, the real highlight was the entree! We like to try a little of everything, so we shared the ricotta ravioli and the black bass. Now, I’m normally not a pasta or a fish fan, I mean I eat it but it never really wows me. Both of these dishes were unreal!! Everything they serve is made with fresh, organic ingredients and it shows! The flavor on the black bass was just out of this world- rich but kept the dish light at the same time. Clearly, I couldn’t even resist the ravioli long enough to take a picture! Seriously though, this was one of the best, if not the best restaurant we went to in New York. Look at the menu, I would literally eat everything on it!!

IMG_9642 IMG_9647 IMG_9649 IMG_9653

After dinner, Todd wanted to take me to see Times Square at night. Enter my “Welcome to New York, It’s been waiting for you. Welcome to New York, Welcome to New York” moment! Seeing Times Square at night for the first time is something that will stick with me forever. Now, I will say that area turned out to be my least favorite part of the city, but seeing it is a big check off my bucket list and it was a pretty magical night!

IMG_9669IMG_9664 IMG_9665 IMG_9667

You may have seen my post on Instagram- Is it really your first morning in NYC if you don’t start it with a bagel?! I think not!! My hubby had done his research and knew that Russ & Daughter’s was the spot to go for an authentic New York bagel. However, upon walking in the shop I was a little overwhelmed with all of the fish! Luckily, I worked past that initial anxiety and even ordered a bagel with lox!! Which, I’m not a huge smoked salmon fan, but they were so nice and helped me pick a milder flavored option. This bagel was out of control y’all!! My mouth is watering just writing about it!! We ordered an everything bagel with salmon, scallion cream cheese, tomato and onion- mmm mmm perfect! We split it because this was just an appetizer to the meal we were walking a couple of blocks to next (I told you we ate our way through the city!). But, if you want a full sit down dining experience they do have an actual cafe rather than the store that just provides counter service. I prefer the counter service shop because of it’s convenience to our next stop, Katz’s Deli!

IMG_9681IMG_9677IMG_9670 IMG_9673 IMG_9675

Having been around for over 100 years, Katz’s Deli is a bit of a New York tradition and definitely one they need to keep! We had originally planned to go to The Carnegie Deli, but after seeing Anthony Bourdain go to Katz’s, we quickly made a change of plans! You can either order at the counter or do table service and we chose table service to get away from the cold weather for a bit. I knew I was going to like this place as soon as they brought us out a plate of house made pickles- who knew New Yorkers liked their pickles so much?! Since we had just scarfed down the bagel, we shared their classic pastrami sandwich on rye and a side of potato latkes. As you can see above, they really just don’t give you enough meat on your sandwich! I could barely fit my mouth around the whole thing, but it was delicious!! Definitely somewhere that you must stop when in NYC and I love the convenience of hitting both Russ & Daughter’s and Katz’s in the same meal!

IMG_9685 IMG_9689

After that very hearty brunch, we needed to walk some food off so headed back to the Times Square area. I would not recommend this during the daytime, as there are people haggling you to buy stuff on every corner! Just keep walking and don’t make eye contact! But, we wanted to get tickets for one of the double decker buses- i’m telling you we were in serious tourist mode- and this was the best area for that. We wound up getting a 3 day pass with the Gray Line buses (the red ones). These were great for getting from place to place for a few days when wanting to site see, but I definitely wouldn’t rely on them for transportation your entire trip. Also, don’t count on the guides being very informative either! But, we enjoyed riding around and seeing everything in one easy swoop and having the flexibility to get off at any stop!


See  ^ major tourist mode! Yes, those are Ugg boots in public and no, I do not even care. It was 20 degrees and my feet were warrrrm!! This puffy Patagonia jacket from Half Moon Outfitters was also pretty essential on casual days that we spent a lot of time outdoors. And not gonna lie, I’ve kinda grown to love it.

IMG_9702 IMG_9731IMG_9730IMG_9716IMG_9724 IMG_9719

What’s the number one tourist attraction you’ve got to see in NYC?! Top of the Empire State Building, of course!! This was another check off the ole bucket list and we so enjoyed getting to do this together!! The views are totally worth the wait in line and even the freezing wind at the top. Can you tell I’m cold in that last pic?! This was another one of those moments where you’re just in awe of where you are and how pretty freaking awesome life is! IMG_9727 IMG_9728

After freezing our booties off at the top of the Empire State Building, coffee was a must! Just so happened, there’s this awesome little food cart called Wafels & Dinges in NYC that serves BELGIAN WAFFLES with toppings AND COFFEE!!! Um, hello heaven! All I have to say is I’m glad there isn’t one of these in Charleston because I would be in trouble. I got mine nutella and strawberry topped and yes, it was just as amazing as it looks. DROOL!!

IMG_9737 IMG_9739

What does one do to top off a touristy day in New York City?! Why see a Broadway musical, of course!! Considering I’m a huge theater geek, I was going to be happy with anything on Broadway, so I let the hubs pick what we were seeing. He saw the word Vegas and that Tony Danza was in it and was sold on Honeymoon in Vegas. I had never seen the movie before, so didn’t know what to expect, but the show was hilarious and the cast very talented! Since it’s a newer show, I don’t think it was nearly as big of a production as say Chicago or Phantom, but definitely something to see with your man to keep both of you entertained! Plus, they serve wine in tumblers- right up my alley!!

IMG_9746 IMG_9749 IMG_9753 IMG_9756

Since the Lincoln Center was close by and I wanted to scope things out before the shows started, we had reservations to the Lincoln Ristorante that night. A traditional Italian menu with a New York twist, the food was perfect for lovers of charcuterie and red wine- aka my favorite meal! The ambiance was fairly quiet and laid back, with glass walls perfect for watching the people leaving the opera that night. The highlight of the meal was absolutely the buratta which was made with pomegranate and pistachios and I will forever be trying to recreate at home! After a long day of site seeing, sipping a glass of red wine and munching on some prosciutto was the perfect way to spend the rest of the evening! I couldn’t leave out a little bathroom mirror pic of what I wore that night (this is when we know I’ve had one too many glasses of wine). But, seriously I love this outfit, especially the Ted Baker coat that I scored for under $200 on sale!!


When my hubby is on vacay, he doesn’t want the night to end so we headed up to our hotel’s rooftop bar- also another highlight of NYC, all the rooftop bars. I must say, while our hotel lacks in some areas, the view from the bar is not one of them! This pic isn’t great but we had the most perfect view of the Empire State Building! Talk about a way to end your second night in New York City! Like I said, this is just the first of many posts about our trip. I cannot wait to share with y’all all of the NYFW shows I attended, more yummy restaurants and of course, what I wore!! Stay tuned!!

Friday Five- Valentine’s Edition


Happy Friday the 13th/FRI-YAY/Valentine’s Eve/Day 2 of NYFW!!! Big day, huh?! Anyone else had a crazy Friday the 13th like I have? I won’t go into major detail, but my morning involved 13 degrees, giving a cab driver the wrong address, not realizing until he already left and being in the most impossible spot to find a cab (did I mention it was 13 degrees and I was dressed fashionably, not warmly). #firsttimenewyorker anyone?  Fortunately, I didn’t lose any extremities to frostbite and still made it to my show on time! Considering I’m here in New York, I’m not going to be bringing y’all a special Valentine’s outfit post (although, I will be posting next week about all of my NYFW looks). So, instead of my normal Friday Five post, I’m sharing with y’all 5 Valentine’s inspo outfits from bloggers I follow and love!! These looks are absolutely adorable y’all!! Everyone enjoy your Valentine’s Day tomorrow, whether it’s with your spouse or friends and family!! XO

1. Gal Meets Glam- Julia Engel does no wrong and this pretty little shoot with Chloé is no different! Like myself, she’s a major blush pink lover and this beautiful dress is blush pink heaven. I mean, she actually looks like she’s in heaven, right? And that bouquet of peonies *insert heart eyes emoji x 500*

2. Something Navy- Arielle knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to dressing city chic! This red skirt number is perfect for a night on the town with your man or your girls! Plus, she’s THE best to follow for fitspiration..those legs!!

3. Hello Fashion BlogThis classic Valentine’s look from Christine is absolutely FLAWLESS. The red dress is sexy, but classy at the same time- perfect for a hot date! Bonus: she lists some great gift ideas for your guy and all under $50!

4. TopKnots and PolkaDots- This one just so happens to be from my pretty little bff miss Chloe Fusselman! Not only is she perfect and this shoot the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, but her outfit is on point for a fun Valentine’s look! Could she not be Julia Engel’s (Gal Meets Glam) sister?!

5. Northern Lights- Southern Belles- Another blogger bestie of mine and the hottest momma I’ve ever seen, Tara Langdale, kills it with a Valentine’s casual look! Can you believe she’s hiding an almost 9 month baby bump in there?! In typical Tara fashion, she does the unexpected and pulls in a baby blue coat and it totally makes the outfit!

Also, feel free to take a little flashback moment and look through last year’s Valentine’s posts here, here and here – my how far this blog has come in just a year!! So fun to take a look back though!!

SWT: Tuscan Wedding at Boone Hall


What better time to kick off my new Wedding Wednesday series than the week before Valentine’s Day?! I won’t be doing the series on a weekly basis, but when I’m feeling inspired I’ll be sharing everything from tips and tricks to real life weddings to real life fake weddings, like this one! A real life fake wedding, you ask? These images, brought to you from the always amazing Catherine Ann Photography, are from my first official experience working with Scarlet Plan and Design on the Scarlet Wedding Tour. The SWT took 3 buses of couples to 4 of the hottest wedding venues in Charleston- Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina, The Historic Rice Mill, Upstairs at Midtown and my personal favorite, Boone Hall Plantation. The talented planners set up a fake wedding in each spot, complete with a bride and groom! In this post, you’ll be seeing the Boone Hall Tuscan themed Wedding, which was created by owner of Scarlet Plan and Design, Sara Skinner.
boone-hall-wedding-87 boone-hall-wedding-84boone-hall-wedding-63

Miss Taylor Girl, who you may know as one of my fab blogger friends, Holy City in Heels, was the perfect choice of bride for this venue! Her sweet and innocent appearance went so well with the look we were going for. Since this was an Italian themed wedding, Alden and I immediately knew this dress had to be lace! We wanted her look to have a vintage feel, but still feel fashion forward. In comes the illusion neckline! This has been a big trend in bridal for a few seasons now and I don’t see it going anywhere soon. It’s perfect for the bride who wants to stay classic and conservative, but not have a boring dress either. I’m a back kinda girl, so this dress really just does it for me with the sheer back and buttons- SWOON!


Since it was January, although our fake wedding was supposed to be fall, this vintage fur stole was the most perfect addition to her look! This stole was my great grandmothers and one of the most dear things to me. Always ask your family members if you need something like this. It makes it that much more special to have a family heirloom involved in your big day. The color that Sara chose for her theme was {my favorite} marsala. I LOVE marsala for a fall wedding, what you can do with the flowers is just beautiful! Wildflower did not disappoint with this absolutely stunning bouquet and a floral headband that went perfectly with the bride’s look! I just love using a floral crown for a wedding and a headband is the perfect way to add a little flowers to the hair, but not let it read tooo boho.

boone-hall-wedding-70 boone-hall-wedding-68

Disclaimer: Taylor and our groom, Max, are totally not even a couple. In fact, they hadn’t even met until this day. But, they did a great job faking it, right?!


I can’t let the bride get ALL of the attention!! Our groom, Max, looked quite dapper himself in a classic black tux from Charleston Tuxedo. Before I go into detail about his look, let me tell you a little bit about Max. He was the perfect candidate to play groom, not just because of his glorious man bun, but because he makes and sells his own olive oil! Does it get more Italian than that?! You can find him (and yes, his man bun) at the Charleston Farmer’s Market selling Holy Smoke Olive Oil, or order online for a taste! Again, we instantly knew what type of look we wanted Max to have for his “big day.” Italian, to me, says classic and traditional (trust me, i’m Italian, they don’t like change!) so what better to go with a beautiful lace gown than a classic black tux? Really, I don’t think there’s anything that looks more dapper on a man. Plus, it’s also a flattering look for any shape and size groomsmen in your lineup. Want to change things up a bit?! Throw on a white dinner jacket for the reception, or the whole event!

boone-hall-wedding-148boone-hall-wedding-105boone-hall-wedding-122boone-hall-wedding-115 boone-hall-wedding-108
Sara and her team did an amazing job of setting up the very southern Boone Hall Plantation to look just like a scene out of Under the Tuscan Sun. The spread on the table of overflowing bouquets, gold votives and yes, vintage globes was absolutely impeccable. Each place setting had vintage china, gold flatware and (DYING) a baguette wrapped with rosemary and Holy Smoke Olive Oil! I mean, does it get any cuter than this?! All you need is a few bottles of red wine and a plate of meat and cheese to get this party started!

boone-hall-wedding-12 boone-hall-wedding-5boone-hall-wedding-9

Speaking of cheese!! The cake was one of the most innovative wedding cake ideas i’ve ever seen, a cheese cake. Nook, not a cheesecake, a cheese cake- cake made of cheese. Aka- what I dream about at night! This was not only a beautiful display but also would be a huge highlight of the day for any cheese lover like me!

If the promise of cheese and free booze wasn’t enough to get your man on board with this wedding, the cigar rolling and bourbon bar will definitely do the trick! Set up in a mini airstream, yes I totally just said mini airstream, this man lounge is like no other I’ve ever seen! The decor remains cohesive with the beauty of the Tuscan theme, but instantly becomes more masculine when you throw in leather, vintage suitcases and stuffed animals. Guests could go inside of the airstream to see live rolling from Cigar Row and sit outside in the lounge to enjoy their cigar. I hate to break it to ya gents, but this lounge is so fab the ladies might have to get involved also!


So, what did y’all think of my first Wedding Wednesday post?! Obsessed with this fake wedding, right?! Well, I’ve got great news!! I have 2 more fake weddings to share with y’all from the Scarlet Wedding Tour!! Also, stay tuned for dates from the next SWT where you can see all of this live!!


Photos- Catherine Ann Photography

Planners- Sara Skinner assisted by Regis Byrd and Jordan Zarwell of Scarlet Plan & Design

Stylists- Myself (Brittany Lapin) and Alden deHart of Scarlet Styles

Venue- the back patio at Boone Hall Plantation

Linens & Furniture Rentals- Event Haus

Gown- Maddison Row

Hair/Makeup- Charleston Lash & Beauty Bar

Tux- Charleston Tuxedo

Cheese “Cake”- Sablee & Charleston Artisan Cheese House

Florist- Wildflowers Inc.

Airstream- I Roll With It

Favors- Holy Smoke Olive Oil

Table Settings- Polished!

Cigar Roller- Cigar Row

Vintage Car- Lowcountry Valet

**not pictured

Videography- Before Your Eyes Cinematography

Invitations- By Brydon

Mixology- Flute

Catering- Crave

Music- Ear for Music



Monday Blues Pinks



Of course, I had to kick off the Valentine’s week with a festive outfit post!! This amazing pink coat was the perfect thing to do the trick! Now, I’m normally not so much of a pink kinda gal, especially this bubblegum pink, but when I spotted this beauty at Sam’s Closet Boutique, I knew I had to have it. It’s good to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while, right? This coat has not disappointed!! I love how I can throw it on over any simple outfit and instantly it pulls the look together, which is exactly what I did. The pink is here to stay, and not just for this week!!


I couldn’t just have a statement coat with a boring outfit underneath!! Incoming to these statement cheetah print booties!! I had been eyeing these bad boys since fall, but never made the move. Then, I found them on sale in an after Christmas sale at II Brunettes and finally scooped them up. They’re really the perfect bootie! A. because cheetah/leopard is practically a neutral and can be worn with just about any color B. the pointy toe and calf hair makes them easy to dress up and finally, C. because they’re a wedge making them super comfy!! I’ve even got plans to wear them with jean shorts and a red peasant top in the warmer months!



My final statement piece of this look is my new blue Céline bag!! Thinking I’m crazy right about now for spending that much on a not so practical bag? I would normally NEVER do that, but I got this one at a STEAL from Saks off Fifth! It was already a quarter of the original price, then an additional 20% off and then I negotiated my way into another 15% so this was a legit deal!! It was just so so so beautiful, I couldn’t pass it up!! I’ve been kind of obsessed with that royal/cobalt blue color lately and love mixing it with other colors. Pink is a great one, but marsala/burgundy is also a great combo. Anyways, it was my one chance to buy a fun bag for a mere fraction of the normal price! I highly recommend going to check out your local outlet stores every once in a while. Often, you can negotiate a lower price on the pricier items that have been there a while!


Also, can we talk about how great this last shot is?! I’m obsessed and it’s very rare that I’m obsessed with a picture with me in it! I can thank the awesome ladies behind Amore Photography, Shauntae and Laura, for these fab pics! Bloggers, whether local or not, if you’re in Charleston and need some blog pictures done, these girls run an awesome special!! It’s such a steal and they’re so much fun to work with!! I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!! I’m headed out to NYC today for Fashion Week!! I could not be more ecstatic (minus those freezing temps). Be sure to follow me on social media to keep up with all of my New York adventures. And, don’t forget that I’m running an Insta giveaway, so be sure to enter! XO

Photos: Amore Photography

Coat: Coveted from Sam’s Closet Boutique {sold out, but similar here & on sale} | Bag: Céline from Saks off Fifth | Shoes: Matisse from II Brunettes | Sunglasses: Dolce and Gabbana | Earrings: J. Crew {similar here}


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her


This Valentine’s Day wish list errr I mean, gift guide, has a little bit of everything for any special lady in your life!! Use it to find a great surprise for your mom, sister or that one friend you know is going to have a tough Feb. 14th this year. Or, show it to your man for a no brainer shopping list for you! Either way, you’ll be giving or receiving something sweet and pretty in pink this Valentine’s season!

1. Essie Polish in Fiesta- You can never have too many pink nail polishes!! Fiesta by Essie is my go-to!! It’s especially crucial to keep these polishes on hand if you’re a recovering gel nail addict like me. – $8

2. Dior Addict Lip Glow in Sheer Pink- The Dior Addict products are basically the best thing that ever happened to my beauty arsenal! They go on smoothly, last all day & come in fabulous colors. The sheer pink color is so sweetly feminine and will look great on anyone! – $30

3. Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Satchel in Rosy Dawn- Let’s look past that cheesy color description name and think about how great of a gift this would make for the woman in your life!! If you aren’t into the “rosy dawn” (gag) there are several other pink tones that would also be great for your Valentine! If you’re local to Charleston, you can also find this bag at Gwynn’s in Mt. Pleasant. – $298

4. Kate Spade Small Square Studs in Light Pink- Light pink sounds much better, right? These pretty little studs are a great gift if you’re not looking to break the bank, but still give something special! If you’re local to Charleston, you can find these at Southern Protocol Boutique. (along with tons of other great Kate Spade gifts) – $38

5. Ahh-Larm- Nothing says “I love you” more than wanting to protect the women in your life! The Ahh-larm is an alarm, flashlight and stylish keychain all in one. Bonus: it’s a little on the large side, so losing your keys is never an issue! If you’re local to Charleston, you can find these at Out of Hand in Old Village. – $24.99

6. Moon & Lola Coffee Mug- Ahhh the gift that keeps on giving! Your Valentine will be reminded of how much you love them every time they pick up their mug and are told they’re gorgeous! This makes a great gift for someone that you don’t want to spend a ton, but want to make a big impact. – $28

7. Marysia Antibes Scalloped Bandeau Bikini- It’s never too early to start preparing for the warm weather!! This makes a great gift alone, or even better alongside plane tickets for 2 to Tulum! I love Marysia’s scalloped style and wore a red one on last Valentine’s Day in the Caribbean myself! – $260

8. Made By Girl Watercolor Lips- I’ve been obsessed with Made By Girl and her work for a long time! (seriously follow her on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed) Her pieces are perfectly girly and fun! This is a great gift for your sister or bff! – $14 unframed or $42 framed

9. Kate Spade Clear Hearts iPhone Case- What does a girl keep closer to her than your heart- her iPhone of course! I don’t mean to go overboard on the Kate Spade, but she is just always so on point with accessories and gift ideas! – $40

10. Manolo Blahnik Pump Light Pink- If you’ve been a really good girl this year, you may find yourself adding a new pair of pink pumps to your collection!! These babies are the perfect wow factor gift. And hey, if you don’t have a Valentine, you can always treat yourself! – $595

Friday Five


Couldn’t be more excited for Friday this week!! #1 I worked last weekend & it’s been a loooongg {but also super awesome} week & #2 When Monday comes I’ll be headed to NYC!! Woohoo!! I hope all of y’all are enjoying your Friday as much as I am! Have a great weekend!! Now, onto the Friday Five!! (that was a lot of exclamation marks, wasn’t it?)

1. The New Android Commercial- Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m an iPhone girl all the way. But, if there’s anything that could get me to make the switch, it’s this commercial right here! My heart literally melts every time I see it! If this doesn’t brighten your day, then I don’t know what could.

2. Target Home Sale- Today & tomorrow get 20% off rugs & free shipping. Plus, spend $75 or more on your home purchase & save 15%. Thennnn if you’re a Target Red Card holder (like the addict I am) you’ll save an additional 5%. This is PERFECT for me as I’ve been working on some major home upgrades!! I’ve been eying this rug for quite some time, so making my move!!

3. Currently Craving- Am I the only one who didn’t know that there was a Jeffrey Campbell for Free People collection?! Where have I been?! There are some fab styles in the whole collection, but my favorite is the Hierro Heel. They’re a super on trend style and don’t break the bank!! My only problem is, what color to buy?! I originally wanted the grey, but now they’ve got this fabulous light blue color that I’m kind of dying over! Decisions, decisions…

4. Pioneer Woman Breakfast Quesadillas- Okay, so I know I gave y’all a recipe last Friday {anyone try it by the way?} but when I saw this breakfast quesadilla from Pioneer Woman, I couldn’t resist sharing! First of all, Lee Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) is God- at least of the kitchen! She’s the only woman that I would not only allow, but praise my husband for cheating on me with. And then, I would hope she would move in so a Sister Wives type scenario could happen and she could be like the “cook wife.” Basically, everything I make of hers is amazing and I haven’t tried these amazing looking quesadillas, but I’m sure they’ll be no different. If they turn out as pretty as they are tasty, I’ll be sure to Insta a pic this Sunday!!

5. Bits of Lace- I’ve got a super exciting Valentine’s Day giveaway coming up for y’all tomorrow on Instagram!! Be sure to follow me at @southernmeetschic to get all the deets on how you can win something for you and maybeeee even your man, from Bits of Lace. Also, if you’re looking for something sexy to wear next weekend, be sure to check them out!! They’ve got some seriously HOT stuff!!

SMC Blogiversary

IMG_4742IMG_4739 copyDSC_5354DSC_5455DSC_5351 copy

Today, Southern Meets Chic officially turns one year old!! On one hand, it seems longer than a year because so much has happened, in life and with my blog. But, on another, it seems like a short amount of time because there’s so much further I want to go and so many more things I want to do. I never dreamed when I started my blog that in just one year I would be where I am now! My blog has opened doors and brought me opportunities that I might not have gotten otherwise. I’ve had the chance to work with countless local boutiques such as Trés Carmen Boutique, Gwynn’s, StyleDwell and Peyton William. Then there’s all of the amazing photographers I’ve gotten to shoot with, like the lovely ladies responsible for these perfect pictures, Shauntae and Laura of Amore Photography. There’s also Susan Lloyd Photography, Katie Capo of Catherine Ann Photography, Carissa Cady Photography and Terrence Edwards of Current Visuals. In September, I became the Charleston Market Editor for Carolina STYLE Magazine, which has brought me the opportunity to work with some extremely talented and amazing contributors on a daily basis! I’ve contributed to several other blogs such as Coastal Bride and Charleston Fashion Design. I’ve worked as a stylist or style assistant on some fabulous shoots with amazing teams and have another one of those coming up this week! Most recently, I’ve joined the Scarlet Plan & Design team as a Senior Bridal Stylist. And now, I’m getting ready to head to New York City for Fashion Week!! I am SO thankful to have all of these businesses and people in my life and to have been able to work creatively with each and every one of them! Additionally, I’ve made some of my absolute best friends through blogging!! The blogging community in Charleston is thriving and full of amazingly sweet and talented girls and women who all support each other in a fabulous way. Y’all are the BEST and i’m so blessed and happy to have met so many wonderful people with the same interests as me! Y’all know I love ya!!

IMG_4694 copy get-attachment.aspx-2get-attachment.aspx-3

Let’s reminisce for a minute and look back to how Southern Meets Chic came about… It all started as my New Year’s 2014 resolution! I had followed so many bloggers for so long and always thought to myself how much I would enjoy doing that! Todd and I were engaged, and I hadn’t been working for a year or two. Having worked all my adult life, it was a bit of a struggle for me to not have something of my own to do. I love being home with my husband, but I needed something to do on my own to fulfill myself more. That’s when I got serious about starting a blog. I made it my New Year’s resolution and purchased my domain on January 2nd 2014. I was trying to get everything perfect (which now I realize will never be that way) before my first post. But, mother nature had another idea!! If you’re a Charleston local, you’ll remember the “Snowmageddon 2014″ aka the small ice storm that you northerners would laugh at, but, we never get anything like this!! The streets were snowy and trees completely iced over, making a beautiful backdrop for my first shoot! I didn’t have that great of an outfit to blog, but I was determined to get pictures in this rare scenery. To this day, those lavender Hunter boots remain my most pinned picture on Pinterest! I started SMC not with a business in mind, but as a creative outlet for myself. I needed something to put my heart and soul into that was just a project for me! I had no idea that it would grow as quickly as it has and that y’all would actually be interested in what I’m wearing and my silly and sometimes run on writing. I’m so incredibly humbled by all of you and thankful to have readers that engage and stick with me, even through weeks of no posts!! I cannot thank y’all enough for the past year of support and following!! It’s been a truly magical year and none of this would’ve been possible without my readers!!

IMG_4781IMG_4752 copyIMG_4753 copyglitter final

Last, but certainly not least, I have to thank my husband, Todd. Not only is he obviously a huge part of my life, but he is an integral part of Southern Meets Chic! While I’ve had the opportunity to work with tons of fabulous photographers, the majority of my pictures are taken by him. No, he’s not a professional photographer, but yes, he’s read manuals and taken classes and practiced, just to be able to take better photos for me. I must say, he’s gotten pretty darn good! I’ve dragged him all over town to take blog pictures, with minimal complaints. He puts up with having to take outfit pics in public and not touching his food before I snap an Insta. Basically, he’s the most patient man on this earth and I am so beyond blessed to have him! This blog truly truly would not be possible without him, whether it’s taking photos or encouraging me to do new things and take new business approaches, he is a driving force behind SMC. And although he says he wants to start a blog about how your spouse shouldn’t start a blog, I’m convinced he’s pretty into it!! Seriously though babe, I couldn’t do this without you and I love you so very much!!

I just want to thank all of you again- the businesses and people I’ve been blessed to work with, my readers and my husband and family- down to my Grandmother who reads every single post, I wouldn’t be where I am without any of you and I am so thankful to have all of you in my life! XOXO

Photos: Amore Photography

Outfit 1: Top: Banana Republic | Skirt: H&M (similar here) | Shoes: Valentino | Necklace: J. Crew

Outfit 2: Top: Banana Republic | Pants: StyleDwell | Shoes: LuLu’s (similar here) | Necklace: J. Crew (similar here)

Friday Five


1. Chloé Susanna Bootie Look-a-like- Have you been craving the celeb favorite, Chloé Susanna bootie, like I have, but don’t want to pay the crazy price?! Well, on a recent King St. shopping trip (read: pulling for photo shoots while making the occasional purchase for myself) I walked into Aldo and found her cousin- the Bugiano! For literally a teeny fraction of the price of the designer version, you can get the look for less. Plus, they’re on sale an additional half off right now! This means you can totally get the funky red pair too!

2. My Fitness Pal- Before this week I never would have written about this. A. Because I wasn’t into healthy anything (we’ll see how long this realistically lasts) and B. I assumed everyone already knew about this handy little app! But, throughout the week I’ve mentioned it to several people and they had no clue what I was talking about, so I decided I must share it with y’all too! It’s a super easy to use fitness ap (duh) that helps you log your food and counts your calories and nutritional value. Also, if you’ve got the iPhone 6 it will count how many steps you take a day and how many calories that has burned. It’s really nifty and a great way to help you stay accountable for what you’re putting in your body everyday! Oh, and it’s FREE!

3. Tavi Gevinson- This Refinery 29 article about this cool girl. I’m not sure how I’ve never seen her before, but I kind of want to be her. Okay, I do want to be her, or at least have her closet!! (insert wide eyed emoji)

4. My Favorite Football Recipe- Since the Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, I figured it would only be appropriate to share with y’all my favorite game day recipe- bacon wrapped little smokies. Don’t listen to the comments on the recipe page saying they’re time consuming, just enlist a helper to assist in doing the bacon wrapping and your delicious snack will be ready in no time! I make these for tailgating during college football season and they’re often the first to go and my most requested! They’re by no means healthy though, so maybe wait to download My Fitness Pal til Monday!

5. Vacation Envy- Because, in the middle of winter, who doesn’t want to lust after warm weather and fruity cocktails? What better way to do so than checking out the resort Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam, stayed in on her most recent trip to Antigua. This was her vacation from her vacation in St. Lucia. I mean seriously, the girl is everywhere! Instead of being jealous (like me), just grab a mai tai and flip through her Insta for a little Caribbean Friday pick me up!