The Seeking Indigo Experience


Yesterday, I told you all about my collaboration with Seeking Indigo, Rutledge Social and Terrence Edwards of Charleston Street Style. I showed you the perfect fall outfit from their retail space and told you what other types of goodies you could find in store. Today, I’m showing you a few more outfits courtesy of Seeking Indigo, but I want to share with you the amazing experience I had when I left the store and entered into their spa.

I started my healing detox experience with an Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath, which is not as glamorous as it sounds. Actually, it’s quite disgusting, but also so satisfying- keep reading I promise it was a good thing! I did not know this prior to my footbath experience, but your feet have the largest pores in your body. Therefore, you can pull out lots of yucky toxins from them, which is exactly what the ion footbath does. At the beginning of this 30 minute soak, the water is normal and clear. 5-10 minutes in is when things start to get weird, you’ll see a bit of discoloration in the water. By 20 minutes you’re Snapchatting how gross your body toxins are to only your closest of friends (aka your mom because who else wouldn’t judge your dirty foot water). Then, by the time the 30 minutes is up you’ve got some seriously murky stuff happening! Now, different colors mean that you’ve got different types of toxins coming out and it varies for everyone. They have a wonderful little chart and the lovely ladies of Seeking Indigo are very informative when “reading” your footbath water. For me, I had a lot of toxins coming from my liver (oops) and my joints. I say it was disgusting because it’s awful knowing all of the toxins that your body holds, but it’s also so cleansing to be pulling them all out and by enjoying a nice foot soak! The Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath is equivalent to roughly 2 weeks of a regular detox! I will take that over a juice cleanse ANY day!!


The next part of my morning spent at Seeking Indigo was the Migun Thermal Massage, which was also my favorite (I mean, who doesn’t love a massage). This is when we headed through the beautiful hand carved doors and into their “urban oasis.” Even just walking back into the spa is a healing experience itself. With the dim lighting, relaxing music and beautiful decor, your environment automatically puts you into a tranquil state of mind. It really is as if you’ve stepped right off busy King St. into another world. They showed me to the Migun massage tables which use jade stone rollers to deliver infrared heat to the body. You lie down, get a warm pad on top of your belly, put on headphones with meditative music and are instantly transported to nirvana. The Migun table rolls firmly from your neck all the way down to your feet. It’s perfect if you’re like me and love a good firm massage! Not only does it feel ahh-mazzingg, but it also increases your circulation, which aids in digestion, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure. BONUS: 30 minutes on the Migun massage table can burn up to 600 CALORIES!! What?! Do you know how much exercise it would take to burn that many calories? That’s another “I’ll take a day at the spa over exercise any day” situation. It is the perfectly easy way to take 30 minutes to an hour for yourself out of your busy schedule! I know I’m going to be a regular Migun massage customer!


To end my morning at Seeking Indigo, I had a date with the sauna! Now, this was my first time ever in a sauna and I have to admit I was a bit nervous. But, the beautiful room and the lovely bowl of cold towels and stones on ice put me at ease. My timer was set for 30 minutes and I was determined to last the whole time, and I did! Their sauna is not the traditional type, but a far infrared. This meaning that instead of heating you automatically with steam, your body is being heated from the inside out. This allows for a more gradual detoxification, aka you aren’t pouring sweat in the first 5 minutes. Because I wasn’t dying inside, I was able to use this time as a meditation, which I don’t take near enough time for in my day to day life. I thoroughly enjoyed my first trip into the sauna and truly felt as though my body and mind were cleansed and detoxified upon leaving.


I so enjoyed my morning spent at Seeking Indigo and my only complaint is that I hadn’t discovered them sooner! It truly is a unique space containing both store and spa, blending the two worlds of healing and style together so beautifully!

Photos: Terrence Edwards of Charleston Street Style

Autumn in Action


I was so thrilled when Alden Haviland of Rutledge Social invited me to collaborate with Charleston Street Style photographer, Terrence Edwards, on a shoot for Seeking Indigo. Shooting with Terrence and Alden is a fun treat in itself, but I was also excited to learn more about Seeking Indigo. I’ve always known they were on King St. but I never stopped in because I thought it was just a spa. I was SO wrong!! Seeking Indigo is a full service spa, wellness center and perfectly self described “urban oasis,” but before you get to the 4,000 square feet of full on relaxation, there is also a huge retail space! A boutique and a spa, what more could you want? The boutique carries everything from comfy yoga and loungewear to sexy maxi dresses and perfectly fitting skinny jeans. I have to say my favorite goodies they have are their jewelry! Lots of beaded long necklaces in beautiful colors and many with healing properties, I’ll take that! They also carry home decor, most of which is inspired by owner, Kathryn Peter’s, travels to Bali and the likes. Just walking through the front doors of Seeking Indigo automatically gives you a feeling of relaxation, but it’s walking through the doors to the spa that truly starts a beautiful, healing experience. Read more about my spa day with Seeking Indigo tomorrow on SMC (and you’ll of course see a few more of the outfits from my shoot).

This outfit that I’m highlighting today is the perfect autumn attire! The colors just scream fall and the layering is essential for this fickle Charleston weather. All of the fabrics used in the clothing at Seeking Indigo are exceptionally soft and of high quality, but this jacket is probably the softest you’ll ever feel!! I also love how versatile it is because you can roll the sleeves up or down and cinch the waist or leave it baggy. I prefer to cinch it a bit to give it some shape, but leaving it loose can be great when you’ve got bulky sweaters underneath. The rust colored basic tee really pops under the tan jacket and I love the color contrast! This could easily be kept super casual by throwing on a pair of Converse or flats, but I wanted to jazz things up a bit so I wore these great lace up heels! (now 40% off in link below) Then, I added the two statement tassel necklaces (with healing properties-yay!) and that gorgeous metallic clutch! By adding those fun accessories to a typically casual outfit this makes a great fall date night get up!

Jacket, Top, Jewelry & Clutch: Seeking Indigo | Jeans: J Brand | Shoes: Madden Girl


Palazzo Party for Chloe + Isabel

DSC_0052 DSC_0093DSC_0102DSC_0078 DSC_0108DSC_0103DSC_0083DSC_0099

I have to admit, I’m a little (read: WAY) over the jersey knit palazzo fad! I think they look tacky and the leg clinging fit just is not flattering, on anybody. But, when I saw these cotton, high waisted palazzos, I fell in love! The print is the perfect combination of trendy and chic and the cut is super flattering on practically any figure. I do not have long or thin legs, but with their lengthening qualities, these babies gave me the Kendall Jenner effect!! Which, if you know me, you know I would DIE to have KJ’s legs. Thanks for making it possible palazzos! Pairing a high waisted pant with a crop top is kind of a no brainer, but I especially love how structured and boxy this one is. It goes great with the slimming effect of the pants. It really is the perfect basic crop top to add to your wardrobe and can easily be paired with most anything high waisted! Since the pants are so busy, I kept the jewelry to a minimum (as usual) with this classic black and gold tassel necklace. This is fairly new, and you’ve probably noticed me wearing it several times already if you follow me on Insta. I’m OBSESSED!! I’ve been dying for one of the Rachel Zoe tassel necklaces for years, but never could justify spending that much. Well, thank goodness I waited because I found this look a like locally for a tiny fraction of the price, and the quality is still fabulous! Since I don’t like being too matchy matchy, I wore my comfy tan wedges (that are now half off in the link below). I carried my large, black 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag, as I had a conference to attend and had lots that I needed to have on hand. I like to think of this bag as my chic briefcase, it’s perfect to use in business type environments and also as a carry on when traveling. So, speaking of that conference I attended, keep reading below to hear all about it!!

Top: BCBG from Trés Carmen Boutique {similar here} | Pants: Jealous Tomato from Trés Carmen Boutique {similar here} | Shoes: Madden Girl | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target {similar here} | Necklace: StyleXchange Couture | Sunnies: Tom Ford from Gwynn’s


Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of being asked to attend and cover a Chloe + Isabel conference as a part of their “Flock Together” tour. I must admit, I thought I was just in for a jewelry meeting, but still agreed because I love their style. I was so very wrong! The conference brought together merchandisers from all over the Carolina’s, to hear from Bridget Costello of Chloe + Isabel. Merchandisers ranged from stay at home mom’s looking to add some style to their lives while making a little extra shopping money to women who were sick of the corporate world and have now made this their full time job. Bridget was an extremely inspirational speaker, sharing her own experience on following her dreams and not letting anything get in the way of that. Of course, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t beautiful jewelry involved! I loved seeing what pieces from the Chloe + Isabel collection that all of these women were wearing. I also took a book home and have been swooning ever since! My “to buy” list is forever long! (like that ring up above that was featured in VOGUE)  I’m so blessed to have wonderful opportunities such as these and have the chance to meet such empowering women.

I’m Back!!

I’m beyond thrilled to be back from my little SMC blogging hiatus!! Fall has been absolutely crazy and I’m so happy to finally share everything I was blessed to be a part of with y’all! I’ve also got some exciting projects in the works, so be sure to stay tuned for more deets on those and maybe even a little renovation to the site… For now, here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks!

Becoming the Carolina STYLE Magazine- Charleston Market Editor

Carolina STYLE logo

If you follow me on any form of social media, this isn’t news to you. But, this is my first official announcement, on the blog, of my new position! I’m beyond thrilled to be representing the Charleston market for Carolina STYLE Magazine!! STYLE embodies not only the fashion, but also the culture of the Carolina’s. It is now my responsibility to provide this perspective of Charleston by finding savvy contributors and engaging content for the site. Fashion-check, Food-Check, Events-Check, Arts & Entertainment-Check- yeah it’s basically everything I love all in one spot and I’m living the dream!! I am even currently working on an editorial for our Holiday Book {pinch me!}


Rutledge Social Blogger Ice Cream Social

1908422_327364520767997_2964199395599316450_n 1908430_327362610768188_2468533241086491602_n 10538454_327363054101477_823762157903718800_n10646669_327369120767537_2223320803033545092_n

 Photos: Catherine Ann Photography

What do you get when you gather local bloggers in a beautiful location and serve fabulous cocktails and yummy ice cream? A Rutledge Social event! It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon, laughing with fellow creatives over delicious treats from Flute Bar Service and Ye Ole Fashioned Ice Cream & Sandwich Shop. Which if you’ll remember, my husband owns and was so gracious to provide the ice cream (hence the cutsie me holding a bowl of ice cream pic)! There was lots of swooning to be done at Ro Sham Beaux, where the event was held, as there is a gorgeous chandelier or trendy velvet sofa in every corner. Lots of time was also spent in the photo booth, complete with chalkboards to write our social media handle, and Catherine Ann Photography behind the lens. It was a beautiful day spent with beautiful people!!

Top: Old Navy | Skirt: Blue Poppy Boutique | Necklace: Target {I wore leopard print pointy toed flats with this!}


Teen Vogue #BTSS

DSC_7689-600x40010712852_678461005585537_3802138512230406267_nDSC_7564-600x400 10362515_678461242252180_4272315892709758581_n

Event Photos: La Li Photography & Sky Photography

Outfit Photos: Terrence Edwards of @charlestonstreetstyle 

I was BEYOND honored to have been asked to be a panelist for the Teen Vogue Back to School Saturday at the College of Charleston a couple of weekends ago! I’ve been so blessed to meet some truly fabulous ladies lately and Christine Pearson, who contacted me about the event, is certainly one of them! The panel consisted of fellow bloggers, Tara Langdale of Northern Lights-Southern Belles, Chloe Fusselman of Topknots and Polkadots and Taylor Brobisky of Holy City in Heels and myself. We spoke a bit about our blogs and ourselves and then opened the floor to questions about all things fashion from the CofC sorority girls! In addition to being on cloud nine about participating in a Teen VOGUE event, we also had a total blast!! You can read ALL about the #BTSS and see even more photos here on the Carolina STYLE page!

Romper: StyleDwell | Booties: Dolce Vita from II Brunettes | Clutch: Trés Carmen Boutique


Wine, Dine and Design

DSC_0427DSC_0459DSC_0440DSC_0493DSC_0425DSC_0396Dress: Dandy Boutique | Clutch: StyleXchange Couture

When I was asked by my good friend, Jeanne Everett, to attend the Wine, Dine and Design event where she would be showing her original designs from her line Corinne and Molly, it was a no brainer. The charity event was held in Columbia and was to benefit the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind. It showcased local lines, from established brands such as Southern Tide to emerging designers like Jeanne of Corinne and Molly. The ambiance was beautiful with candlelit tables lining the runways. The Corinne and Molly collection was vibrant with rich jewel tones of sapphire green and cobalt blue. Jeanne also used a lot of metallic, from a sassy silver top to a feminine gold polka dot matching set. Her show and the event itself were a huge success! I can’t wait to see more from Jeanne with Corinne and Molly! Head here in case you missed my Insta takeover of her account- I had a blast and got some great shots of not only the show but also behind the scenes!


Dallas Trip


Last, but not least, two weekends ago my mom and stepdad, husband and I went to Dallas, Texas celebrating my stepdad’s 50th Birthday! Noooo I didn’t bring home Ebola, but we did have a wonderful time spent over family and football! Because let’s face it, as much as I adore all of this fashion stuff, family is my one true love. In fact, I love them SO much that I didn’t even drag anyone to do any shopping the whole weekend! And that’s tough because Dallas has some fabulous shopping. Okay, so we did do some window-shopping in Highland Park Village last night {drool} but that really was it. Thank goodness all of the stores were closed because this adorable area of town provides you with stores like Chanel, Louboutin, Tom Ford and the likes. It is a can’t miss and my favorite restaurant in Dallas,Patrizios, also happens to be there. (we are way spoiled by our food in Charleston, because the Dallas restaurants do not impress me, I just love the ambiance at this little spot though) However, my main favorite spot when going to the Big D is Billy Bob’s AKA the world’s largest honkey tonk. It lives up to its title by boasting an indoor LIVE bull riding arena, concert stage, restaurant and two huge dance floors to get your two stepping on! It’s exactly how you would imagine a night in Texas! It was another family vacation weekend for the books and I certainly think my stepdad would agree the perfect way to spend his last weekend being 49!

OH and I guess I also can’t forget the fact that we’ve been to every home game this Clemson football season. Yes, my life has been ruled by football lately and Yes, I love my husband very much.

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Keeping it Casual








Let me begin by saying, i’ve never been a military inspired fashion kinda gal, until I met this jacket. It’s even opened my eyes to the point where I actually purchased a pair of CAMO pants yesterday!! My husband is thrilled because he’s been trying to get me on board with this for years. This jacket has quickly become my most worn jacket of the season. It is so easy to throw on with practically anything and is just so fall. However, my favorite thing to wear it with is black and white stripes. I have several tops like this, but this is my only tank, which is perfect for this back and forth 80 to 60 degrees weather. I then threw on a pair of dark denim skinnies, rolled at the bottom of course. I could have worn my converse or flip flops with this, but since the outfit was already SO casual I went for my suede booties with a bit of a heel. These keep the look a bit more polished {read: not so homeless}. To accessorize I wore my everyday bangles and LV bag. This is the best outfit for running around doing errands and being comfy, but you won’t be afraid to run into someone you know! Can’t wait to share my camo pants with y’all!! Have an amazing weekend everyone!!

Jacket- Sam Edelman from II Brunettes | Top- Almost Pink {similar here} | Jeans- AG Jeans | Booties- Dolce Vita from II Brunettes

One Last Romp











Happy official first day of fall everyone!!! Thanks to this rainy weather, the temperatures are actually feeling more like fall too! Dare I say the last chance to wear a shorts romper is past us? This pretty little floral number is the perfect way to close out summer! The navy color and neutral floral hues are just right for fall, while the shorts are still keeping you cool in the lingering summer heat. If I were wearing this in August I would have paired it with a pair of brown wedges, but since we’re nearing the end of September I decided to go with these suede fringe booties. I love how neutral they are but still add a burst of boho style with the fringe on the back! I will definitely be getting my wear out of these all year round with leggings and a sweater on lazy days in the cool weather and festival style cut offs and crop tops in the summer. With a low cut neckline like this, I prefer to keep the chest bare. I just think it’s so pretty to show that skin, but not too much. I accessorized fairly simply with a pair of gold earrings and my everyday gold midi rings. Another way to style this romper would be a pair of knee high boots in the same color with a chunky sweater and floppy hat. This option would be perfect if you’re in an area that actually IS chilly in September (AKA not Charleston). HAPPY FALL Y’ALL!!

Romper- SyleDwell {similar here} | Booties- Dolce Vita from II Brunettes {available here} | Jewelry- StyleDwell

Shades of Grey








In this 90 degree heat and humidity it’s been impossible to practically “transition to fall.” I am not one who foregoes the forecast and jumps into my boots and sweaters sooner just to be sweating my booty off. So, my solution to this madness is to incorporate more fall colors into my wardrobe, but still wear light and breathable fabrics. Luckily, we’ve had a few cooler days lately (and by cooler I mean 80 instead of 90) and I was able to slip into a pair of jeans for a day of running around visiting with local boutiques. These pants are the only denim purchase I’ve made so far this season and I am in LOVE!! I saw them on J Brand’s Instagram a few months ago and knew that I needed a pair, but when one of my favorite local boutiques, II Brunettes, got them in it was a given! Grey jeans have been a huge trend starting last spring and have been worn by celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Cara Delavigne and Kim Kardashian. I’m a huge fan and feel like they give me a little bit of a rock & roll vibe every time I wear them. A lot of times I will play that up by wearing a cheeky graphic tee, but for my boutique visits I needed to be a little more put together. Plaid is another huge trend for fall and this white and black plaid is a perfect transitional piece with the light colors and sheer fabric still keeping you cool. Later on, you can wear the plaid trend with some darker colors and in wool or cotton fabrics {I can’t wait}. To throw in a little contrast of color I wore a pair of camel colored suede booties. I brought out some serious fall colors in a big statement necklace, which I then paired with my blue crossbody bag to pull out the blues. To add a bit of drama and another ode to fall I puckered up with a bold burgundy lip! I love a burgundy lip and unlike bright red, it’s very wearable!! This is an outfit that you can wear now and when it gets cooler just throw on a black leather jacket and go!

Top- Old Navy | Pants- J Brand from II Brunettes {available here} | Shoes- Dolce Vita from II Brunettes {similar here} | Necklace- J Crew | Bag- Rebecca Minkoff  {similar color here}

Rainy Day Wear



So far, so good with the weather today (knock on wood) but the past couple of days have been nasty ones here in Charleston! It’s not looking too good for the rest of the week either. But, a rainy day is not a good excuse for a lazy day look OR a good reason to ruin a nice pair of shoes or leather bag. So, what’s the compromise here? I’ve picked three outfits with umbrellas, weather-proof shoes, jackets and vegan leather purses {that won’t get ruined after a few water drops plus they’re animal friendly}. These looks are sure to keep you stylish AND dry in these crazy southern downpours!



Classic: Umbrella | Jacket | Boots | Bag

Feminine: Umbrella | Jacket | Boots | Bag



Chic: Umbrella | Jacket | Boots | Bag

Floppy Hat Hump Day







Something that I can never have enough of in my closet are easy little shift dresses that I can just throw on and go. They’re just so easy to wear, but still look really put together (read: instead of yoga pants and a tee shirt). So, when I saw this floral beauty, it was love at first sight! The colors are perfect for fall, without being dull. Red is actually going to be a huge color this fall, along with any other bright, rich colors. Gone are the days of sticking to grey and brown! The great thing about this dress is that it also transitions nicely. Wear it now with nothing extra, a few weeks from now with a denim jacket and when it really gets chilly add black tights, leather jacket and booties. Another trend I’m loving for fall is a big floppy hat, this girl loves any excuse for a hat!! While the reds don’t really match from the dress to the hat, I think they compliment each other really nicely. A true red would’ve been wayyy too much going on for the hat. I accessorized with a fun arm full of different bangles. For shoes I wore a pair of neutral suede booties, but this could also be worn with black. I just really like the contrast of the camel color. This is a great casual fall afternoon outfit that can easily take you into night just adding a denim or leather jacket.

Dress- BCBG from Trés Carmen Boutique {similar here} | Hat- StyleDwell {similar here} | Shoes- Dolce Vita from II Brunettes {similar here} | Bangles {from top} – Stella & Dot | David Yurman | Island Baubles | Stella & Dot


Post Labor Day Errand Day









I hope everyone had a wonderful unofficial last weekend of summer!! Mine was spent with amazing family and friends on the beach and in the boat! Even though it was full of fun and no work, I’m still exhausted. I ate lots of unhealthy goodies, got too much sun and probably drank one too many margaritas. I am happy to get back on track this week, but still feeling like I need to recover from the weekend. This is when a good lazy, but busy day outfit comes into play. My go-to comfort style is definitely boho. Most of the pieces are loose and comfortable, but still look somewhat put together and stylish. I found this Free People blouse at Marshall’s {currently on sale for even less at Revolve}  and knew that it would be a staple in my lazy day wardrobe. Since it’s still obviously really hot out, I wore this with a pair of cut off denim shorts. To really make this public acceptable, I wore a pair of block heel gladiator sandals rather than flip-flops. They’re still really comfortable, but makes it look a little more intentional. I wore all of my everyday accessories- speedy with a strap, bangles and aviators. This look is perfect for a day when you have some running around to do, but still want to be comfortable and relaxed. The blouse can also transition to fall nicely by pairing it with distressed skinnies and a pair of booties.

Top- Free People from Marshall’s | Shorts- J Brand {similar here} | Shoes- Target | Sunnies- Ray Ban | Bangles- Stella & Dot and David Yurman